Mazao Capital


Private equity

At Mazao Capital, we view transactions from an owner-manager perspective. We seek to build close, supportive relationships with our partners to achieve long-term financial objectives for all parties.

We use our capital to further the development of businesses. Our strategic perspective helps companies stabilize, grow and flourish in any economic cycle. We value our investment teams and the communities they work in and call home.

We look closely at each transaction to ensure alignment with our business principles. We invest to help management teams and entrepreneurs become a a self sustaining source of future opportunities.

We rely on strong management teams to continue to lead their businesses, providing them with competitive incentives to further growth - from cash compensation to equity ownership.


Global Experience, Local perspective

investment approach


We spend a lot of time looking at financial statements. We develop creative financial solutions, prefer control positions, make prudent use of leverage to finance our acquisitions.

Building the future

We facilitate access to a broad network of strategic contacts and operational-focused executives to maximize the long-term prosperity of your portfolio companies.